Manhattan (Champagne)
Charlie Stone Vintage Inspired Flats Retro 1920&
Manhattan (Champagne)
Charlie Stone Vintage Inspired Flats Retro 1920&
Manhattan (Champagne)
Manhattan (Champagne)
Charlie Stone Vintage Inspired Flats Retro 1920&

Manhattan (Champagne)

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The Manhattan return, now as a vegan friendly flat! The Manhattan has come back to bring some razzle dazzle to our feet. As a tribute to the roaring 20’s that we remember for its iconic music and dance, the Manahttan is inspired by the opulence of the prohibition era wonderfully illustrated in the novel and film version of ‘The Great Gatsby’, and named after the speakeasy hotspot of the 1920's.

  • Size grade: 2
  • Best suited for narrow to regular width feet
  • Korean fine coarse glitter upper
  • Faux leatherette lining
  • Smooth man made sole
  • Soft cushioned insole
  • 20mm internal heel elevation, 10mm external heel
  • Quick Release buckle
  • Please note that as part of the manufacturing process is done by hand, there may be slight differences in each make


  • The true colour of these shoes is difficult to capture in photos, as they look different under different levels of lighting. 
  • The fine coarse glitter is not designed to look like a typical glitter shoe which has the same consistent sparkly look under every light. The material we have used has a subtle look under regular day lighting, and really puts on its true performance under direct lighting (like the sun, or artificial lighting at night).


      To help understand how the fitting of each shoe runs, we have categorised them into 2 'grades'.

      • Grade 1: runs true
      • Grade 2: runs slightly large


      1. Measure your foot length in cm - check out our Guide for Measuring Your Foot Length here.
      2. Check your recommended size against the chart below. Take note of your size for both Grade 1 and Grade 2, as they may differ

        If you are between sizes and you have narrow feet, please consider sizing down as most of our shoes are quite generous in width.
        Inversely, if you are in between sizes and have wide feet or generally need to size up in other shoes due to extra width requirements, please consider sizing up and choosing a leather pair for maximum stretch potential.

        Charlie Stone Size

        Size Grade 1

        Foot Length (cm)

        Size Grade 2

        Foot Length (cm)


        22.0 - 22.4

        22.1 - 22.6

        22.5 - 23.1

        22.7 - 23.3

        23.2 - 23.8

        23.4 - 24.0

        23.9 - 24.5

        24.1 - 24.7

        24.6 - 25.1

        24.8 - 25.3

        25.2 - 25.8

        25.4 - 26.0

        25.9 - 26.4

        26.1 - 26.6
        42 26.5 - 27.1 26.7 - 27.3
        43 27.2 - 27.8 27.4 - 28.0


      Q: How do your shoes compare in sizing to other brands?
      Our shoes generally run slightly larger than other fashion brands, particularly vs UK and US brands.   

        Q: I have wide feet/high arches/bunions/swelling - should I size up?
        Instead of sizing up, we normally recommend choosing one of our wider fitting styles - Montpellier or Peta - and spending time softening and stretching the upper. Our shoes run slightly large so if you size up, you may risk having a shoe that is too long. 

        Q: My shoes feel really tight! Should I size up?
        If they feel too tight in length, we recommend exchanging for a size up. If it is only the width that is tight, we recommend spending time to stretch and soften the upper. Use our hairdryer+socks trick for an easy and painless method of stretching out your new shoes.

        Q: My shoes feel a bit loose! Should I size down?
        Move your feet forward so they feel comfortable in the front part of the shoe. If you have 1.5cm or more in the back heel, then please exchange for a size down. If you have about 1cm or less in the back, please use an insole or heel grip (a size down will be too tight both length and width wise).


         Region Shipping Service Status
        Australia Available, currently takes about 2-4 weeks
        New Zealand Available, currently takes about 2-4 weeks
        Western Europe Available, currently takes about 2-4 weeks 
        Central/Eastern Europe 

        Available, currently takes about 2-4 weeks

        United States Available, currently takes about 2-4 weeks
        Canada Available, currently takes about 2-4 weeks

        Available, currently takes about 1-3 weeks

        South America Mostly available, currently takes about 4-6 weeks
        Africa Limited availability, currently takes about 3-5 weeks


        Our Shipping Methods

        Method Regular Fedex

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        $40 USD per pair


        Delivery time

        About 2-5 weeks depending on your region. Please see above table for estimate times based on your location.

        About 2-3 weeks
        Dispatched from

        Our main warehouse in China

        Will be shipped from Singapore or Australia if you purchase a Returns Warehouse pair

        Our main warehouse in China

        Will be shipped from Singapore or Australia if you purchase a Returns Warehouse pair

        Eligible Addresses


        Residential or Business only
        Must be home during delivery?

        Generally yes, unless your region has implemented contactless delivery

        Yes, please ensure someone is home to sign for the delivery

        Customs charges (we do not cover this)

        If you refuse to pay customs fees and the parcel is sent back to us, a $30 restocking fee will be applied

        Only in Europe and Canada, but usually very minimal and charged by the local postal service

        Only in Europe and Canada, incurs higher customs charges

        Other things to note

        • Missed a delivery and now it's being sent back to us? We will resend your parcel upon $20 repayment of postage 
        • Customs duties/taxes: our shoes do not include VAT and we do not cover any duties/VAT that may be applied by your local customs office. We cannot estimate what might be charged by your customs office, however we do try to minimise it by declaring a low parcel value for you. Customs duties/VAT is most commonly applied in Europe. The table below is a rough guide of some country thresholds, however please keep in mind this is only a guide based on what information we can find online
        Country Duty applies if value is GST/VAT applies if value is GST/VAT rate
        Australia over 1000 AUD over 1000 AUD 10% 
        Canada over 20 CAD over 20 CAD 5%
        Denmark over 1150 DKK over 80 DKK  25%
        Finland over 150 EUR over 22 EUR 24%
        France over 150 EUR over 0 EUR 20%
        Germany over 150 EUR over 22 EUR 19%
        Italy over 150 EUR over 22 EUR 22%
        Japan over 10000 JPY over 10000 JPY 10%
        Korea over 150 USD over 150 USD 10%
        Netherlands over 150 EUR over 22 EUR 21%
        New Zealand over 1000 NZD over NZD 15%
        Norway over 350 NOK over 350 NOK 25%
        Spain over 150 EUR over 22 EUR 21%
        Sweden over 1600 SEK over 0 SEK 25%
        Switzerland over 5 CHF over 0 CHF 8%
        United Kingdom over 135  GBP over 15 GBP 20%
        United States over 100 USD over 100 USD varies by state


        • No returns/exchanges on sale items, sorry

        • Returns are covered by you and must be sent back to us in Singapore or Australia

        • Returns must be shipped within 14 days of receiving the item and must be in new condition with original shoebox

        • Need to request a return? Fill in our Request Form

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        Customer Reviews

        Based on 9 reviews

        Absolute stunners!
        I only found Charlie Stone roughly 2 months ago (if that), and I already have four pairs, with the fifth on the way! The Manhattan are gorgeous! In the right lighting, they shimmer and sparkle like you wouldn't believe. They are incredibly comfortable. I would have preferred Leather for that extra level of comfort, but the synthetic material is surprisingly comfortable. I cannot wait for my 7th, my 8th MY 20th pair of Charlie Stone. I have never been more excited about shoes! xx

        Stephanie S.
        The Most Fabulous Wedding Shoes

        I wore these goregous shoes as my wedding shoes. They added the perfect amount of flare and sparkle to my dress and went perfectly with the rest of my accessories. They are super comfortable, I was on my feet for most of the day and they weren't hurting at all. I didn't really wear them in either and they didn't give me any blisters by the end of the day. The website indicates they aren't really for people with wide feet, but I had no issues wearing these comfortably with my flat wide feet in my regular size. Highly reccomend these shoes, if you have a special occassion and heels are not an option for you like me.

        Amy Scott

        The prettiest shoes I’ve ever owned! I wish I ordered more so when I eventually wear them down I have spares!

        Alina Ilie
        Cute and comfortable

        I don’t have anything negative to say about these shoes. They are really cute. I just wish that I got them in high heels though. They would look more elegant

        Very pleased, but not as perfect as hoped.

        These shoes are gorgeous, absolutely wonderful and the sparkle on the shoes is such a unique touch that is completely different to any type of "Dorothy going home" glitter shoes that you might have worn as a kid. Also the fast release buckle is genius, especially for those who have limited hand motion. Although, I understand that these were shipped from Singapore but the box was absolutely battered by the time it reached me in the UK. Unfortunately before I even wore my shoes for the first time or took the protective film off them, there was a large indent in the strap next to the buckle that create waves along the length of the strap, which was disappointing as these are expensive shoes. I'm not sure if that's a manufacturer error or just an overseas shipping thing. I love my Charlie Stones and I hope to save up to be able to afford more in the future, but those aspects were slightly disappointing. Nonetheless, I'm very pleased to have been able to get one of the last pairs of these lovelies!!

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