Due to business related changes, our website will now sell in US Dollars (USD). All product and shipping pricing will remain the same and has been converted from our original prices in Australian Dollars (AUD). 

  • How does this affect me when I make an order?
    Payment methods and gateways will not change, so nothing will change in the purchase process. If you are using a non-Australian credit card or Paypal account, you will be charged in USD which will convert to roughly what our original prices were (depending on the current FX rate at the time of purchase).

  • I'm from Australia, can I still order in AUD?
    You can purchase our shoes in AUD from any of our stockists. Please visit our Stockists page to see a full list of our stockists.

  • Will you sell in multiple currencies?
    At this point in time, we will not sell in multiple currencies.

  • Does this change the shipping cost?
    For the time being, shipping costs will remain the same (i.e. the USD equivalent of our original AUD shipping prices). The only thing changing is the currency on our website. 

  • What if I am awaiting a refund for a previous order made in AUD?
    If you are waiting for a refund to be processed on a previous order made in Australian Dollars, we will refund you the equivalent amount in USD.



Part of our operations will be closed for a short period between 18 Apr - 11 May. Please see below for what will be affected. 
  • Any returns/exchanges received between 18 Apr - 11 May will not be processed until 12 May.
  • Any orders for our Versailles handbag received between 17 Apr - 11 May will not be dispatched until 12 May.
We apologise for any inconvenience caused and thank you for your patience.