How To Measure Your Feet

We've all been through it - you're about to buy a new pair of shoes and just need to select your size. But which size are you? You go to check all your other shoes and there's a mix of sizes instead of just one - even if they're under the same country sizing system! What gives?

Each manufacturer will follow it's own 'template' for sizing, and with their own teams of manufacturing technicians that have their own experiences and styles of production, it's no wonder that every brand will end up having a slightly different fit. This makes it very difficult to understand your true size though, doesn't it?

Remember: our shoes run large

When it comes to Charlie Stone and Honiara Vintage shoes, our make does run a bit large compared to most other brands, particularly when compared to other vintage reproduction brands (like Remix or BAIT). So don't freak out if your size in our shoes seems to be a whole size smaller than your usual size!

Measure your feet

One of the ways to check your size against our sizing system is to measure your feet in mm using the method below. 

1) Get a ruler/tape measure and 2 straight edged items. If you have multiple rulers/tape measures - great!

2) Stand up against a wall with your foot perpendicular to the wall (90° angle)

Charlie Stone how to measure feet to find your shoe size
3) Place the 1 straight edged item at the top of your foot so it is parallel to the wall. Then place the other item on the other side of your foot, parallel to the first ruler/measuring tape. What you want to do is box up the foot to your longest length and widest width.
Charlie Stone how to measure the foot to find shoe size
4) Double check you are standing up comfortably. Now step away carefully and take the measurements!
Length = wall to edge of top item (in our example, the cardboard box)
Width = ruler to edge of side item (in our example, the book)
Charlie Stone how to measure the feet to find shoe size