Caring for Leather Shoes

A good pair of leather shoes can last years if they are given the right care. So how can you make your leather Charlie Stone shoes last?

1) Watch how you walk!
The #1 forgotten but truly effective way of keeping any pair of shoes in tip top condition actually lies in the way you walk. Do you drag your feet? Do you find you trip or knick the toecap often? Do you find your shoes always get scuffs and scrapes on the sides? Think about how you're walking. This will also help you to have better posture, so it's a win win situation!

2) Keep them dry, air them after use
Sometimes you can't avoid wet weather, and when you find yourself walking on wet ground, make sure you completely air dry your shoes at home before storing them away. 

3) Store them away from humidity and sunlight
Leather tends to be fussy - prolonged moisture will damage it and sunlight can wear its colour. At home, store them somewhere with plenty of air and no sunlight. If you live in humid conditions, try to use a dehumidifier regularly (your clothes will also thank you for it!)

4) Keep them clean 
Any dirt or residue from outside can carry moisture or stain in the long term, so be sure to wipe your shoes down with a very lightly damp cloth every now and again. 

Cleaning the upper
Use a lightly damp cloth to wipe off any dirt, and for tough spot stains, try a gentle makeup remover on a cotton bud. 

Cleaning the insole
Use a lightly damp cloth to gently wipe down the insole, moving in one direction (avoid scrubbing), and use the makeup remover trick for stubborn stains/dirt. 

5) Repair damage ASAP
It is imperative that you repair any damage straight away to help maintain the longevity of your shoes.

If you can find a shoe polish in the same colour, use a little bit on a toothbrush and gently polish the shoe upper over any scratches or scuffs.

For bad damage, longer term damage can be avoided by taking your shoes to a professional to have them repaired. A few dollars will go a long way!

*Please note our shoes are not dance shoes, and we are not liable for any damage done to the shoes from dancing.