Caring for & Cleaning Suede

Got a pair of our shoes in suede, faux suede or even velvet? These luxurious types of materials can feel and look absolutely beautiful and elevate any outfit with an instant touch of elegance. But more often than not, it's also well known to be the signature look of Autumn/Winter collections, a time when the weather is not so cooperative. 

So if you've found yourself caught in rain with your suede shoes, or accidentally gotten some dirt on them, then fear not - here are our tips for caring for and cleaning suede, faux suede and velvet.

1. Dry them first! 

If they've become a little damp or wet during your day out in them, it is crucial that you air dry them first before doing anything else to them. Do not use a hair dryer, and do not attempt to scrub or clean the suede when it is still wet, this could damage it further!

2. Find the 'grain' then give them a gentle brush down

Find the natural direction that the suede rests in. You can use your finger to sweep over the suede to see which direction the suede fibers 'rest'. Once you find this direction, use a suede brush or toothbrush to gently brush down the suede. This helps to remove any dirt or residue. Remember to only do this after the shoes have fully dried

3. Remove/reduce any spots or scuffs

Using a suede rubber or a clean pencil eraser, gently rub back and forth on any scuffs or stubborn spots to remove them. If you have any small bits of residue that are stuck in between the fibers of the suede, you can also carefully use a bit of blu-tac to lift the residue out but patting the area with the blu-tac.

4. Got water stains? Use more water

If you've gotten only part of the shoes wet and it's left a water stain, firstly stuff your shoes with some paper or tissue, then use a spray bottle to gently apply more water over the whole shoe including the stained area. Use a soft brush and give the whole shoe a very gentle brush down, particularly around the stained area. Allow the show to air dry and the stains should be gone.

5. Brush it down again and apply a protectant 

Give it a last brush down following the grain and then lightly spray the whole shoe with a suede shoe protector. This will help to reduce it from absorbing too much moisture and grime the next time you are out with your shoes!