Peaky Blinders, Downton Abbey, Fantastic Beasts, The Great Gatsby… we’re already obsessed with the vintage fashion in our favourite films and TV shows, so with the new year bringing us back to the 20’s, we’re in prime time to jazz up our wardrobes and party in roaring 20's style.

Commonly referred to as a 'Gatsby' theme, this is easily one of the most popular new year party themes and will no doubt dominate this new year. It was the era of modernisation - jazz music grew popular so dancing became more free, fun and expressive as the Charleston exploded into the scene. Fashion took ground breaking turns as designers like Chanel became popular. What's not to love!

Here are our tips for making the most of NY2020!

TIP #1: Choose your shoes wisely and choose them NOW!

Shoes can literally make or break your night - there's nothing worse than getting jazzed up, getting to the party only to feel your feet blistering up before the dancing has even begun! And then trying to survive the many hours to follow? No thanks. We believe mindful selection and early preparation of your shoes are the secret to maximising the night. If you're comfortable on your feet, you can keep going until the sun comes up!

If you're not good with heels, DON'T WEAR HEELS!
It might seem like the perfect time to dress up like you've never done before, but don't sacrifice your comfort for the sake of a pair of shoes you're not used to wearing (and therefore will likely never wear them again!). Instead, opt for a comfy pair of glamorous flats like our Singapore in Gold or Montpellier in Bronze

If you're going to wear heels, stay small!
If you're a regular wearer of heels and prefer them over flats, avoid high stilettos and opt for a smaller heel, like our Luxe range of short fluted heels standing just over 2" tall.


And don't leave it to the last minute, which brings us to our next tip...

TIP #2: Buy & break them in early

Another common mistake is to buy new shoes at the last minute or leave them in their box until the day of the party. Like a pair of jeans, shoes need time to wear into your foot shape to feel truly comfortable. Buy your shoes early and spend some time wearing them in a clean environment (we recommend while you're at home on a weekday evening watching the latest season of Marvelous Mrs Maisel with some tea and biscuits, but that's just us..)

If you're running out of time, no stress! Use the socks and hairdryer trick!

TIP #3: Prepare them for anything...

Waterproof them...
 The yucky reality is that some parties get a bit crowded where drinks are destined to be spilled. Get a leather waterproofing spray at your local department store or cobbler and protect your shoes from any stray drops of gin and tonic! 


    With your feet and shoes all set to dance the night away, you can enjoy the return to the roaring 20's in true style! Now it's time to work on your charleston before the big night arrives...

    Happy NY2020!