Packing shoes for your next vacation!

It may have been a while since many of us have travelled, especially when it comes to going somewhere totally new where you're likely to do a LOT of walking and sight seeing. And while we're all used to wear slippers and sneakers these past few years, that doesn't mean you can't travel in absolutely fabulous vintage-inspired style this summer! Here are our top tips for travelling light, comfortable and organised this upcoming holiday season.

1. Choose an aesthetic and a versatile palette to go with it

The first and quickest way to get started with packing is to ensure you have an aesthetic and palette in mind - choose something that you already have a lot of in your wardrobe to keep things easy. Keep the palette minimal e.g. florals with pastels and neutral colours


2. Select 2 pairs of shoes that match your aesthetic but have different purposes

For example, if you know you'll be doing a lot of sightseeing in Europe where streets are often cobblestone, then flats will be your better option over heels. You may want to opt for 1 closed toe and 1 peep toe if you know it will be hot, or 1 neutral shade and 1 with colour so you can dress the second one up more for any fancier dinners you go to. We always recommend having a white pair of flats like our Athína or Sardinia because they match EVERYTHING in the summer and have a nice wide toebox to keep you comfortable even when your feet start to swell in the heat.

You may end up packing more shoes depending on what you need and how long you're gone for, but we recommend trying to keep things to a maximum of 3 pairs - 1 you wear on the plane and 2 in your check-in baggage.


3. Pack the shoes into your suitcase in their own dustbags

This will help keep them organised and tightly stored to give you more room for everything else you'll need! It will also keep your other things clean and free from any odour from your shoes.