Last year we went to Paris to work with the enchanting Miss Alba (@missalba.banana) who has been one of our long time style idols and collaborative partners. Together with her studio Les Garconnes Studio (@les.garconnes.studio), we created a short video to capture the spirit of Charlie Stone. 

'La Vie En Rose' ft. Miss Alba in Paris!


What is La Vie En Rose?

'La Vie En Rose' is a beautiful french song made famous by Edith Piaf in 1947, which roughly translates to say "Life in happy/rosy hues". For us, this phrase perfectly captures the spirit of our Charlie Stone world and the way we want the wearer to feel in our shoes. 

Her shoes are comfortable so she can enjoy every moment of the day without a second thought. With a base she can rely on, she is free to express her personal style through little quirks and love of whimsical vintage things. She celebrates her uniqueness and is unapologetically 100% true to herself!

Why this is close to our hearts

Many of our friends and customers are lovers of vintage style, and like us, may have felt at some point in their style journey that they have 'stuck out' from the rest of the crowd of modernity. Ever worn vintage in a mostly monochrome office? You know what we mean. So La Vie En Rose is a reminder of this beautiful, magical world and how it makes us feel. This is the world from where Charlie Stone was born.


To celebrate our new video, we are doing a special giveaway competition! Here's what's up for grabs:
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Good luck! ✨