The most MAGICAL shoes perfect for fans of Harry Potter!

Potterheads around the world, unite and get excited because Charlie Stone have unveiled their most magical collection yet - Porto: inspired by the art nouveau spots around the Portuguese city that is believed to have influenced the writings of the Harry Potter novels.

With four gorgeous flats made in the well-known comfortable Charlie Stone structure, there are four luxurious and unique designs each with their own exclusive colourway that are inspired by different parts of Porto (which also perfectly match your favourite Hogwarts houses!). 


All pairs in this collection are a size grade 2, meaning they have a regular fit and like the other Charlie Stone designs, run only slightly large with some room to stretch at the width if needed, meaning they fit most foot types. And to cater for all Potterhead friends, all designs come in both a leather option AND a vegan-friendly option! Let's take a closer look at each style, and see which one is the right one for you! 

Grifo (Scarlet Red)

First up is the luscious red Grifo, an elegant flat that combines red suede with red pebble leather (or faux suede and faux leather for the vegan-friendly option) and features a tiny touch of gold at the front. We can just imagine this on all the Gryffindor prefects, can't you? It's boldly elegant and a statement piece perfect for vintage lovers and Gryffindors alike, and you can get a pair right here.


 It's easy to see how this design got its inspiration from the iconic Livraria Lello bookstore in Porto, with its unforgettable red winding feature staircase and touches of warm gold lighting. If you've been to Livraria Lello (and have had the luck to go when there aren't too many tourists), you'll know just how captivating it is to see in real life and to walk along its bending top staircase feeling like it may melt or move beneath your feet. If you happen to be visiting Porto at any stage, we highly recommend visiting Livraria Lello - it's worth the €5 fee! 

There may be new restrictions due to the pandemic, so you can read more about it at before visiting. 

Livraria Lello, R. das Carmelitas 144, 4050-161 Porto


Texugo (Mustard) 

Next up is the pretty and delicate Texugo flats in mustard and espresso pebble leather (or faux leather for the vegan-friendly option), inspired by the wonderfully warm and welcoming tones of Café Majestic along Rua Santa Catarina. With a gentle mustard colour framed by a deep espresso brown and a dainty bow on the front, the Texugo is a vintage style beauty that is absolutely a Hufflepuff must-have. Whether you're heading to the Hogwarts Greenhouse or having a day out at Hogsmeade, the Texugo is a lovely and versatile pair that you'll want to bring wherever you go - get a pair here!


 The Texugo takes its warm earthy tones and curves from one of Porto's known gems, Café Majestic. With its art nouveau style facade and beautiful interior that warms the soul, Café Majestic is a must-see spot in Porto that feels magical in its own way, but most particularly in its architectural detail which feels teeming with life and sparks the imagination. Combine that with the delicious desserts available and you'll swear sorcery has played a part!

If you are ever in Porto, stop by Café Majestic for a delicious sweet treat! 

Café Majestic, Rua Santa Catarina 112, 4000-442 Porto


Serpente (Emerald)

We guarantee heads will turn your way with this pair, and isn't it just like a Slytherin to demand attention wherever they go? You'll swear the Dark Arts have been involved here with the stunning Serpente made with suede (or faux suede for the vegan-friendly option) in rich, deep emerald green. Taking inspiration from the darker side of art nouveau like Porto's Reis Filhos shop facade, the Serpente uses intertwining curves to convey that sinister feeling of magic creeping along walls and doorways. We don't know about you, but this absolutely screams Slytherin to us and no doubt mid-century Slytherins would have been showing these off to everyone (along with their latest broomsticks and expensive quill sets!). If you're a Slytherin looking for the latest fancy flat, this one is for you!


One of the most eye-catching shop fronts of Porto, the Reis Filhos is art nouveau in its darker form with gothic elements that thrills the imagination. Better suited to the more sinister corners of Diagon Alley, Reis Filhos is a great spot to see for those who want to see something a little more eerie than the usual art nouveau spots of Porto.

R. de 31 de Janeiro 247, 4000-542 Porto


Corvo (Midnight Blue) 

Are you a witty and classy Ravenclaw that values elegance and simplicity? The modest and stunning Corvo in it's deep navy blue suede and framed with metallic bronze leather (or faux suede and faux leather for the vegan-friendly option) match perfectly with 1930-40's style looks and most importantly, the Ravenclaw house! Inspired by the beautiful azulejos tiles of Porto framed by aged stone walls, we can totally imagine the Corvo being worn around Hogwarts grounds, from Divination to Transfiguration classes. Get your pair here!


If you've ever been to Porto, no doubt you would have passed some of the famous azulejos walls around town - they scale entire building walls and are so magnificent they're impossible to miss!

We love that you can dive right into the details the closer you get, and with every feature you find something new! The contrast of these beautifully crafted tiles against the old worn stone walls is truly something of magic.

Here are some spots to find azulejos walls in Porto!


So which one will you choose? 

Whether you're a vintage lover who wants a unique pair of flats to go with your 1920-50's style wardrobe, or a Potterhead in need of new shoes to match your Hogwarts house, this collection has something for everyone and is not to be missed! More than just a pair of shoes, this collection is a semi-interactive experience, featuring little details that inspire a little bit of magic in your day. Don't believe us? See for yourself!


Disclaimer: Charlie Stone does not agree with the views of Harry Potter's author JK Rowling. The Porto collection is in no way affiliated with JK Rowling or the Harry Potter franchise, and is not a licensed product of WB.