Our new shoebox for less waste!

Something that has bugged me for forever is the amount of packaging waste that comes with purchasing shoes, both online and instore. Normally shoes always come packaged in glossy shoeboxes, with the actual shoes wrapped inside mounds of tissue paper that inevitably get thrown out anyway. Then on top of this, online orders are shipped in plastic mailing bags with lots of tape that all get thrown out.

With Charlie Stone, it has always been one of my aims to reduce the amount of waste created, first by eliminating excessive tissue paper packaging but switching it for a reuseable dustbag, and then using compostable mailing bags instead of the normal plastic ones. But in the end, there was always quite a fair bit to throw away.

So in 2021, I made it a priority to work on developing a new shoebox that could help to reduce packaging waste further, without reducing the protection for the shoes inside. And now in 2022 I'm excited to share with you our new shoebox which we will be implementing into production for the foreseeable future. 


This new shoebox will now act as your shoebox and shipping carton. This means no plastic mailing bag, excessive tape or extra shipping cartons to house just 1 single shoebox. 


Plus, this shoebox will also become your shipping carton for if you ever need to return your item. All you'll need to do is repackage your shoes into their dustbag, close up the box and add a small bit of tape to secure the closure tab. Then you can ask your post office to add the shipping label directly over our one on top of the box!


These new shoeboxes are made with recycled cardboard and are super easy to add back to the recycling cycle. If you're happy with your shoes and are done with the shoebox carton, just disassemble it (it is a folded box, there is no glue or tape) and add to your local council recycling bin.


We've also reduced the amount of extra bits and pieces that go inside the box that normally go straight into the trash, including paper stuffing and information cards (all information and messages from us are now printed directly on your shoebox! Look out for our handy QR code which you can scan to see our quick release buckle tutorial)


We'll begin using this shoebox for productions starting in 2022 and onwards. For our remaining shoes in stock, we will continue sending them in their original shoeboxes so as not to waste those already made shoeboxes.