How to Get the Midge Maisel Look


If you're also a huge fan of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, then you would know that there is no other person to bring Midge to life than the marvelous Ms. Katie Licata (@katieemilyl)

With Spring and Summer being just around the corner, let's explore some marvelous ways to channel your inner Midge Maisel through fashion.

"Midge's style is often very accessory focused; with coordinating hats, bags, shoes and jewelry."

Charlie Stone: I think like many mid-century vintage lovers out there, we adore Midge's style on the show. Obviously not all of us have access to true vintage pieces, but we still want to try our best to emulate her wonderfully elegant and fun late 50's look. She certainly has a particularly colourful and detailed look that is so instantly recognisable - what can you tell us about Midge's style?

Katie: Midge's style is often very accessory focused; with coordinating hats, bags, shoes and jewelry. In the show, Midge's mom remarks how Midge would participate in anything that she could get an accessory for, like when she wanted to learn to drive so that she could have pink driving gloves. That's still seen in her adult wardrobe with unique shoes with cute details like bows, scarves for travel, colorful luggage, and her huge collection of hats for every occasion. 

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For her jewelry, she usually has pieces that match her outfit color or her accessories, but that don't draw too much attention as they're not the focus of her looks.

"Her hats, bags, and shoes are a statement, but her jewelry is there to compliment the outfit."

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C: Her hairstyle is always prim and proper, how can we achieve it?

K: Her hairstyle can be achieved with a wet set, my method is with alternating rows of pin curls. A translucent hair net works really well to help hair from falling for situations like dancing or spending time in humid weather. A scarf is great to protect your hair on windy days or for a convertible ride like in the Catskills episodes.

Try a vintage hairstyle tutorial from Youtube!

"Just as her outfits change when she travels, her makeup adjusts as well."

C: And for her makeup?

K: Midge's typical makeup is fairly simple with a bit of eyeliner on the top and bottom lash line, mascara, neutral eyeshadow, a bit of light blush on the apples of the cheeks, and a red lip. Her makeup accentuates her natural features. She usually wears a matching red lipstick and nail polish but that is occasionally swapped for a more peachy, pink, and coral colors in places like the Catskills rowboat scene and in Miami. Just as her outfits change when she travels, her makeup adjusts as well.

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C: What else should we need to remember when it comes to her style?

K: There is a very intentional use of color on the show, reflecting the storyline and locations. For example, Midge dresses vary differently and in a different color palette for going to the Gaslight than she does for an interview at B. Altman. Donna Zakowska, the costume designer, takes inspiration from color combinations in nature as well as places like vintage Vogue magazines. 

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C: So how can we add a touch of Midge's style to our own?

K: To make Midge's style your own that could look like trying out unique color combinations, picking accessories that are all coordinated, finding clothing and accessories with unique details, trying out a vintage hairstyle, or theming your outfit for the activities you have planned.

Thank you for your insights, Katie!

Time to get out there and put on your best Midge Maisel impression as we wait for Season 4 to finish filming and hit our screens! Just remember:

  • Colour coordinate from head to toe!
  • Look for cute little details on your shoes and accessories that will make a statement
  • Choose colour coordinated jewelry that stands out but doesn't overpower your outfit
  • Try a vintage hairstyle using a wet set or pin curls!
  • Use minimal makeup in a vintage style, and remember to colour coordinate your lipstick too!

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