As COVID-19 continues to keep international shipping lines suspended in some regions, we have created a new way for customers to get size exchanges or refunds without having to send their pair back to us in Singapore or Australia. We call this the 'Swap & Sell', which is a system of re-homing pairs within your region that would have otherwise needed to be sent back to our Returns Houses. 

By using Swap & Sell to re-home your pair, you get to save on high international postage costs or avoid having to wait months until shipment route return to normal.



  • Currently only available for customers in Europe or the United States where international shipments are heavily affected
  • Our usual returns/exchange¬†timeframe does not apply

For the original customer sending on the re-homed pair

  • You must enquire about an exchange/refund within 7 days of receiving your parcel
  • You must pay for the postage to the next customer
  • You must wait for¬†us to find a new buyer before¬†you can receive your¬†refund or exchange. We cannot estimate how long this will take as this is a new program, and we cannot guarantee it will be sold at all. In the case that it is not sold,¬†you will need to¬†return the item to us in Singapore/Australia as per our usual Returns/Exchange policy

For the new customer receiving the re-homed pair

  • You must pay for any duties or VAT in any case where the parcel is moved between an EU and non-EU country within Europe.