Find Your Size


Please measure your foot length and compare it to the chart below (see our Guide for Measuring Your Foot Length here).

    2. If it corresponds to your normal fashion shoe size (NOT sneaker size), please take that size. If the measurement falls into a size lower than your normal size in other shoes, please size up if:

    • Your foot length falls at the end of the foot length range, e.g. if your normal size is US7 and your foot length is 23.8, please size up to US8 (our EU38)
    • You normally need to size up because of width
      EU Size* US Size

      Foot Length (cm)

      Foot Length (inches)
      35 4 22.1 - 22.6 8.7 - 8.9
      36 5 22.7 - 23.3 8.9 - 9.2
      37 6 23.4 - 24.0 9.2 - 9.4
      38 7 24.1 - 24.7 9.5 - 9.7
      39 8 24.8 - 25.3 9.8 - 10
      40 9 25.4 - 26.0 10 - 10.2
      41 10 26.1 - 26.6 10.2 - 10.5
      42 11 26.7 - 27.3 10.5 - 10.7
      43 12 27.4 - 28.0 10.8 - 11

      *Please note our EU sizing refers to the standard global EU sizing -  
      not the French sizing which is different.



      Q: How do your shoes compare in sizing to other brands?
      Most customers say our shoes run true to size, however if you are used to wearing fast fashion shoes like Zara and H&M which run small, our shoe sizing will feel larger than theirs. Compared to other vintage reproduction brands, our sizing is fairly similar. Please DO NOT compare your sneaker size to find your size in our shoes, as sneaker sizing is very different.

        Q: I have wide feet/high arches/bunions/swelling - should I size up?
        If you're not a half size, we normally don't recommend sizing up a whole size as this could mean you have a shoe that is too long for your foot. We recommend choosing one of our wider fitting styles - Montpellier or Peta - and spending time softening and stretching the upper. 

        Q: My shoes feel really tight! Should I size up?
        If they feel too tight in length, we recommend exchanging for a size up. If it is only the width that is tight, you can exchange them for a wider fitting style (Montpellier or Peta), or you can stretch and soften the upper. Use our hairdryer+socks trick for an easy and painless method of stretching out your new shoes.

        Q: My shoes feel a bit loose! Should I size down?
        Move your feet forward so they feel comfortable in the front part of the shoe. If you have 1.5cm or more in the back heel, then please exchange for a size down. If you have about 1cm or less in the back, please use an insole or heel grip (a size down might be too tight both length and width wise).