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Caring for your leather shoes

You’ve got your new pair of shoes and you can’t wait to show them off to the world! But just before you step out of the house, have you thought about how you’ll protect them from the dirt, dust and debris outside? Learn how to care for your leather shoes and make them last through the seasons to come! 

With your Charlie Stone shoes, we recommend the following steps to ensure proper care for long lasting wear:

Clean - wipe off any dirt and dust with a clean dry cloth. For stubborn marks, use a slightly damp cloth. You can use a cotton bud for hard to reach places.

Condition (optional) – for extra protection from cracking, you can use a shoe conditioner to help keep the leather flexible, soft and supple. This step is optional as smooth leather used for women’s shoes generally do not crack as easily as other hard leather shoes (i.e. men’s hard leather shoes)

Protect - waterproof your shoes with a protectant spray, especially during humid periods and during winter when it is more likely to rain!

Store - always allow your shoes to air after wearing – store them in a dry and cool place. Leather is an organic material so avoid storing them in a place that is always in the sun as this can dry out the leather and cause it to crack.

Polish (optional for our black shoes) – gently use a polish, wax or cream for black shoes if you have a pair of black Charlie Stone shoes to get rid of any scuff marks or give them an extra shine before wear.

Of course, other ways to protect for your shoes also comes down to the way you use them – avoid dragging your feet when you walk (particularly on concrete as this wears down the sole!) and avoid walking in dirty environments like wet grass, muddy paths, dirt roads etc.

Visit your local supermarket or department store to find leather shoecare products - our favourites are from Kiwi Shoecare.